Our olives groves


Our farm includes olive groves belonging to the Taggiasca variety, some of which have acquired the Riviera Ligure DOP accreditation.
The Molino dei Giusi Agriturismo is surrounded by a hectare of olive groves. More centuries-old olive groves belonging to Lorena’s family – olive millers for generations – can be found at the beginning of the Impero valley as you drive inland. Our olive trees grow on typical Ligurian plots called “fasce”, strips of land or terraces cut from the slopes of hills and supported by dry stone walls.
The olive harvest usually happens between November and January of each year. Immediately after being knocked from the trees (“bacchiatura”), olives are picked up from the nets and taken to the olive mill for pressing, all this happens within 24 hours. In the last few years we have planted a citrus orchard and from this harvest we hope to produce jams and preserves.
At Molino dei Giusi we have a little vegetable garden where guests are able to pick their own fresh seasonal vegetables. We don’t use herbicides, insecticides or chemical products on our lands; instead we favour the rotation of crops and the use of natural fertilizers such as vegetable and animal compost. As a confirmation that we are on the right path towards the creation of a better environment, you will notice numerous animal species frequenting our plots. It only takes a moment’ silence to appreciate the chirping of red-breasted robins, great tits, blackbirds, sparrows and at night the wooing of owls. In spring we are surrounded by multi coloured butterflies and black swifts quenching their thirst by the swimming pool, while in the summer we have mesmerizing fireflies and bright green frogs.

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