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Domus Virgilii is composed of two lovely garden apartments, Myrtus and Thymus, both immersed in a beautifully scented garden with a swimming pool, allowing one to relax and bask in the sunshine.

The initial renewal of our grandparents’ home gave rise to a series of renovations aimed at, among other things, the rehabilitation of ancient olive groves originally belonging to Lorena’s family, olive millers of generations past.

Our love for the Ligurian countryside brought us to Villa Viani, a small village situated amongst vineyards, olive groves and vegetable gardens. We were won over by the relaxed atmosphere and beauty of this village, where we decided to buy an old abandoned ruin, right on the river’s edge. The building was covered in ivy and only once work commenced did we realise its octagonal shape and lacklustre reddish colour. The discovery of such an unusual structure encouraged us to research its origins in ancient books of the area and, interestingly, it turned out that we had bought a XVI century Saracen watch tower called the Red Tower (Torre Rossa in Italian). From the original Red Tower we obtained three holiday apartments: Alloggio della Guardia (Lodging of the Guard), Alloggio del Capitano (Lodging of the Captain) and the Guest Quarters (“Foresteria”) which also has a small garden with swimming pool and is ideal for larger families.

Lastly, with its incredible 360 degree views of mountains to the North and sea to the South, we have the Hermitage. From our house standing with your back towards the sea, you can see the top of the hill where this building is located. It was once a religious retreat along the old Savoia route. We recently refurbished this “locus amoenus” (Latin for ìidyllic placeî), into a unique dreamlike location of perfect silence and gleaming light.
Virgilia, a second generation family member, is involved in the running of this venue. Being an art student and a passionate ornament collector, she takes care of the interior decor and at certain times of the year she hosts cultural events aimed at promoting this little piece of paradise. To make this retreat even more idyllic, we left the rehabilitation of the garden in the hands of French landscape artist Jean Muss, whose intensive use of indigenous plants, aromatic herbs, along with delicate blue and white flowers, created a magnificent backdrop to the hermitage.

Once you experience these places, wonderful memories of Liguria, with its breathtaking sea views and sweetly scented countryside, will remain in your heart forever.

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