A nest for two,
set in an ancient place
of religious isolation.
The sea in front,
a pine forest behind,
a garden all around.

2+2 guests
Independent house

Double bedroom
Equipped kitchen/living room
Bathroom with shower
Private garden and terrace
Private outdoor hydromassage tub
Sea view

indoor/outdoor linens

The Eremo is a magical, almost surreal, place, located on the top of a hill, over the seaside town of Imperia, in Liguria. From February The Eremo is a magical, almost surreal place, located on the top of a hill, linking the countryside to the seaside town of Imperia, in Liguria. Right behind it, a centenary pine forest, wild roads of fig trees, mediterranean bushes of herbs and flowers. In front of it, an open view over the sea, the gulf, the villages all around.


The Eremo has a long story. Once it was a hermitage, even if few kilometers away from the sea, which, in the 17th century, was reached through the ancient Savoy road. Our restoration has maintained the characteristics and the shapes of the ancient structure, respecting the already existing materials, as well as the traditional construction techniques. On the inside, the house is divided The walls have been restored using only original stones and the roof using typical ligurian slate. Next to the original stony side, we then built a white concrete cube, a modern and clean shape that allows the ancient hermitage to keep standing as the protagonist.


The house is divided into two areas: a living area, with an equipped kitchen and a sofa; a sleeping area with a double bedroom, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of Imperia’s gulf, and a bathroom with shower. Upstairs, there is a small attic with two comfortable pouf beds and a round window, showing a bit more of sea and hills. The interiors are designed by Virgilia, the third generation of our family. The objects have been carefully selected, from lamps to cutlery. A particular attention has been paid to the use of natural dyes and fabrics, not harmful to the environment or to the guests: the floor with its smooth finish, for example, was created using lime and wax , without any resins.


The Eremo is surrounded by a private garden, just for its guests, organized on three wide layered areas. Designed by the French landscape designer Jean Mus, it combines the delicacy of flowers, exclusively white and blue, and citrus fruit, with the strength of the Mediterranean scrub. Many of the plants already belonged to this place: centenary lentisks and myrtles, so large that allow to sit inside them and relax in the shade. The large ancient pine forest behind aromatizes the air, refreshing it. The result is an unforgettable postcard of Liguria, a locus amoenus, so surreal that it can be anywhere else.


The Eremo is perfect for two people who want to forget the flow of time. The day passes with the slow rhythms of sunrises and sunsets, whose vision, with their reflections on the sea and their colors, will be a show never seen before. Privacy is complete, noises are absent, except for the birds and the rustling of the leaves.