Orchard adventures.

— 20.08.2021

Our family always had an orchard, but never took enough care of it. From 2020, while everybody was baking and cooking (us included), mum Lorena operated a little restyling.

Rest of us was quite doubtful of the results. Her all alone, curved over the ground, taking out stones from the ground, digging and fertilizing. We were growing some vegetables in there, but those who actually could survive with not much presumption. Then she made a scarecrow and she dressed it up quite elegantly. She planted around 30 kinds of seeds, watered them everyday in summer and avoiding the excess of water on rainy days. She fought against bedbugs and ants. And the orchard is now there. Here are some glorious documentations about its new life.

Some guests already picked some tomatoes and various kind of salads this summer. They said they were very good and we are so proud. For upcoming travelers: now its cabbage season, we have at least 12 kinds of them for you to go.

— Virgilia