Pizza for breakfast: where and how.

— 20.08.2021

On western side of Liguria we often have breakfast with a pizza slice, but it’s a special one. Our favorite in Imperia is pizza sardenaira from La Svolta, a little coffee shop in the centre.

Focaccia is a well renown morning treat in our region, together with cappuccino. There are many different versions of it depending on the town you stop by. It is made just from flour, water and olive oil, but those three ingredients are enough to generate several versions to experiment. Non-commercial olive oil, for example, can taste differently depending on soil and hydration.

In Liguria di Ponente we are also specialized in avon baked pizza. It can be high or thin and more crunchy, with tomato sauce on top, slowly cooked with salt, olive oil and onions. Then, we put small black olives on it, garlic and sardines or anchovies. In the first case it is called sardenaira, in the second pissallandrea. A tradition going on from 1300, which can also be found further on, in the nearest south of France.

In Imperia, in via Generale Manuel Belgrano 17, you can taste our favorite at bar La Svolta. Usually around 8:30 it is just out from the avon, and you can try it at its best, hot and steamy. This version is the slim crunchy one. If you like a little more crunch at the order ask for the corner side of the baking tray (“angolo”) or just a side slice (“bordo”).

You can then eat it there at a table (cappuccino is also delicious here!), but also, ask to pack it up and go on Oneglia’s ancient harbor in Calata Cuneo, and choose a nice spot by the sea or just a sunny stair in Vico Castello.

La Svolta
Open every day from 07:00 to 20:00
Via Generale Manuel Belgrano, 17, 18100 Imperia IM, Italia
+39 338 488 9217

Photos by Gelmina Kaminskaite (PhosLab), from TURNWEST archive

— Virgilia