Tell us which newspaper you always read when you are home, to accompany your mornings.
You will find it delivered at your door.

We know that our guests often arrive after a long travel. For this reason we thought that they could appreciate to find a little basket to welcome them: some of our best local products ready to prepare a first dinner and to accompany the first wake up in our houses. Those products are not chosen from supermarkets’ shelves, but they are carefully selected from small local producers. We met the creators, we had long talks with them, we visited their artisanal laboratories one by one and we picked each single item after long delicious tasting sessions.

Our family is strongly passionate about our area. For this reason we enjoy giving personal advices to our guests and to create with them their perfect holiday plan, according to their interests. From food, to secret paths in the countryside, botanical gardens tours, shopping, sport spots, beds in our favorite beaches and so on.

Just next door to the Tenuta, there is a little family run restaurant called Le Navi in Cielo. They cook traditional ligurian dishes using the products of their orchard, and they are delish. To know their secrets and learn some how to’s, this cooking session with them will help you out.

Reserve a guided visit in a local vineyard. Discover methods, explore cellars and have a little wine tasting aperitif with the owners. And if you like them, you can always take some bottles back home with you.